Canine Chronicles

We're three sisters -- Alice, Cindy, and Winnie -- and we've pooled our skills together to bring you an imaginative retelling of some of the last century's most important historical moments. Using Winnie's vintage-style dog photos as the launching point for our book, we profile ten special dogs and their unique contributions to history. Who are history's most notable dogs? We already know about human luminaries like Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart -- but what about their canine counterparts? They're the real innovators, adventurers, tinkerers, intellectuals, poets, and revolutionaries who helped guide humans from the Steam Age to the Internet Age. These matchless pooches are also pretty darn well-dressed and absurdly adorable -- a dangerous combination!

The final book features a hardbound linen foil-stamped cover and 90 pages of beautiful photographs accompanied by fictional tales of each dog's individual historical contribution. The dogs are dressed in fashion appropriate to their historical moment, whether it's a scientist from the 1920's, an aviator from 1930's, a social revolutionary from the 1960's, or a tech innovator from the 1990's.

We funded this limited first edition of our book through our generous backers on Kickstarter. See our original Kickstarter page here to see how it all began.

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