• We’re really excited to be featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Modern Dog magazine! See the full write up here. Don’t forget to order your copy of Canine Chronicles at our store in time for Christmas!

  • Tartinethecorgi and @flobar25 with their new shiny book!

  • Ummm give me this dog! Tucker is awesome and sadly moving away with his owner back to Australia! We will miss you guys!

  • Just dropped in on one of our models Tucker (aka Edwin) to deliver their book!

  • The distribution of the books has begun! Thanks @jessikajoe for backing!

  • @Trendlove
    Alice and I just picked up the final printed books from our printer in CA! Canine Chronicles will be on its way to you soon! Thanks to all of our backers, pre-orders, friends, family, and our awesome printers!